A significant deal involving the San Francisco 49ers is rumoured to be in the works, and it would fundamentally alter the situation at quarterback. But the prospect of bringing in pass rusher Danielle Hunter from the Minnesota Vikings is intriguing enough to take into account.

The future of 49ers quarterback Trey Lance has been the subject of constant rumours as the third-year pro gets ready to face off against Brock Purdy for the starting position. However, the 49ers could be able to remedy that circumstance by dealing Lance to the Vikings.

Kyle Madson, a Niners Wire analyst, recently investigated a trade idea that would send Hunter to Minnesota in return for Lance and a fourth-round selection.

All of [Hunter’s] pass-rushing effectiveness is supported by consistently solid run defence, which enables him to play all three downs, according to Madson. Edge defenders of Hunter’s calibre don’t frequently become available, so the 49ers must at least explore their options.

To put it mildly, it’s a fantastic idea that would provide the 49ers the chance to acquire a star player in return for Lance. The concept, meanwhile, depends on San Francisco choosing to let go of the former NDSU quarterback, which they haven’t said they desire.

Hunter Returns in 2022

Hunter performs at a high level when he is healthy. The health of the Vikings star is a concern, since he was out with injuries for the most of the 2021 season and the whole 2020 season.

When Hunter is healthy, he performs well. Since the Vikings star missed the most of the 2021 season and the whole 2020 season due to injuries, his health is a worry.

Hunter has played in 102 games and racked up 71 sacks overall. Although he only caused six turnovers throughout that time, he has 262 solo tackles to his name, which supports the notion that he is a run and pass defender.

Vikings Star May Need New Contract to Play

  • Hunter’s contract status is one of the reasons he is no longer wanted in Minnesota. Regardless matter where he plays, the pass rusher is entering the final year of his contract and will need a new one for 2024 and beyond.
  • Madson argues that utilising Lance as a negotiating tool has an impact on whether the 49ers consider this move as a long-term or short-term acquisition, and that they would likely need to pay the pass rusher only to persuade him to sign with them.
  • According to the story, “They might be looking to add him just for 2023, when they can pay him $5.5 million to try to win a championship this year and then let him walk in the offseason.” However, it’s unlikely that Hunter would want to play without a new contract. At that point, the question is what kind of contract Hunter wants and if the 49ers want or can afford it.
  • Even though it will be unlikely, the 49ers should consider this option if they believe Lance’s future lies outside of San Francisco.

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