Finally, the much anticipated NBA draught of 2023 has arrived. Since San Antonio Spurs won the NBA draught lottery in May, they haven’t given any thought to anything.

Victor Wembanyama, a centre from France and a future star potential, was selected by the Spurs with the first overall choice.

The selection included neither suspense nor deceit. Wembanyama was listed as pick number one on the draught board for the lottery winner.

The most anticipated NBA drought of 2023 has finally happened. The San Antonio Spurs haven’t thought about anything since winning the NBA draught lottery in May.

The Spurs chose Victor Wembanyama, a centre from France with future star potential, with the first overall pick.

The choice lacked both suspense and dishonesty. The lottery winner’s first choice was listed as Wembanyama on the draught board.
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San Antonio Spurs, the No. The Metropolitans’ Victor Wembanyama is 92.

It comes as no surprise when the French superstar is chosen with the first overall choice, creating the San Antonio Spurs an instant must-see team on television. While competing at the highest professional level in France, he ruled the floor, leading the league in points (21.6), rebounds (10.4), and blocks (3.0). Executives predict that he won’t take long to become one of the top players in the league given his agility, shot-making ability, and defensive brilliance at 7 feet 4 inches.

No. 2 Alabama, Brandon Miller, and Charlotte Hornets

The Hornets get length from the national freshman of the year, who also develops into another intriguing young player. In his lone season with the Crimson Tide, Miller was an obvious NBA prospect, averaging 18.8 points, 8.2 rebounds, and displaying some range from beyond the arc. Miller has the size to be a force on defence, but maintaining a reliable shooting will be the key to his success. Miller is difficult to stop when he’s on, and by playing on the wing, he’ll work nicely with LaMelo Bell.

Scoot Henderson, the No. 3 Portland Trail Blazers, and G League Ignite

Henderson had every chance to be selected first overall if not for Wembanyama. Henderson is a dynamic ball handler who can easily get off opponents. He was the first player to contract with the G League Ignite for two seasons. His midrange shooting is arguably of the finest in the class, and he scored 16.1 points per game last season. Damian Lillard may need another dynamic guard to elevate the Trail Blazers to a competitive level as the backcourt develops into one of the most intriguing in the league.

Amen Thompson, the No. 4 Houston Rockets, and Overtime Elite

Amen Thompson, one of the Thompson twins, is an absurdly tall (6-foot-7) man for someone who is so adept at handling the ball and seeing the floor. He averaged 6.8 assists per game last season and has a fantastic feel for the game and finding open players. But Thompson stepped it up a level in the playoffs, averaging 9.2 assists per game. Thompson is difficult to guard on fastbreak opportunities and can drive into the paint with his explosiveness. Thompson has the potential to be one of the league’s most dangerous point guards if he can improve his midrange and 3-point shooting. Being one of the league’s younger teams, the Rockets could finally find success thanks to Thompson.

Ausar Thompson, the No. 5 Detroit Pistons, and Overtime Elite

Ausar, the second Thompson twin, is a tremendous size (6-foot-7), especially for a guard. But Thompson has incredible athleticism and can essentially perform any offensive task that is required of him. He is an expert scorer, passer, and rebounder who has won MVP honours in the Overtime Elite Finals twice. He can analyse passing routes and use his lengthy body to disrupt any attacking flow thanks to his explosiveness on defence. He can develop a 3-pointer like his brother, and he will complement Cade Cunningham, the first choice in the 2021 NBA Draught, nicely. Since Markieff and Marcus Morris in 2011, the Thompsons are the first set of brothers to be selected in the same draught.. Additionally, it is the first time in the same draught that siblings have been selected in the top 5 since the common draught period began. Lonzo Ball in 2017 and Lamelo Ball in 2020 were the other occasions.

Anthony Black, No. 6 Orlando Magic, and Arkansas

Black, a powerful point guard, is a genuine floor general with a gift for seeing open players when the offence is flowing. Although Black is a pass-first guard, defences will have to respect him since he possesses a good shooting touch. His durability shouldn’t be in doubt given that he played 34.9 minutes per game for the Razorbacks, but he will need to build up some muscle to handle some of the heavier defenders in the league. He’ll probably team up with Cole Anthony, but Paolo Banchero will grow to love him.

Metropolitans 92, No. 7 Indiana Pacers, Bilal Coulibaly

Being a teammate of Victor Wembanyama attracted a lot of scouts, and Coulibaly proved his value. Even though he only scored once per 18 minutes while playing, his season-long growth propelled him up draught boards. At 6-foot-7 and 190 pounds, Coulibaly has the physique many NBA teams continue to seek in a 3-and-D player. Though he will need some time to mature, he is a prospect with potential.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver acknowledged that the Wizards and Pacers had exchanged picks, sending Jarace Walker, the No. 8 selection, to Indiana and Bilal Coulibaly, the No. 7 pick, to Washington.

Jarace Walker, the No. 8 Washington Wizards, and Houston

Jarace Walker is a defensively confident player with a strong physique and a wide wingspan who can match up with anyone in the post and step in right away to guard the rim. On the other hand, because of his ability to overwhelm smaller players, go past bigger defenders, and make jump shots, the American Athletic Conference Freshman of the Year is a challenging opponent for any coaching staff to predict. Since Hall of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon was selected with the first overall pick in 1984, Walker is the first Houstonian to be selected in the top 10 picks.

∎ NBA commissioner Adam Silver confirmed that the Wizards and Pacers completed a trade sending Bilal Coulibaly, the No. 7 pick, to Washington and No. 8 pick Jarace Walker to Indiana.

Taylor Hendricks, No. 9 Utah Jazz, and Central Florida

Hendricks, who is taken in the first round as the first UCF player ever, is arguably the most unheard-of lottery possibility and may be the player outside of Wembanyama who is best prepared for the NBA. while having the ability to shoot from anywhere, he was just as powerful as any big man in college basketball last season, while having a slimmer appearance. He averaged an astonishing 1.7 blocks per game while also leading UCF in scoring (15.1 points per game) and rebounding (7.0 rebounds per game). Hendricks has the potential to win Rookie of the Year since he can guard any position and is a prolific scorer, and his brand of basketball is ideal for the NBA of today. Good luck taking on the Utah bigs when paired with Walker Kessler.

Cason Wallace, the No. 10 Dallas Mavericks, and Kentucky

The 6-foot-4 guard is a solid defender who shown glimmers of his ball-handling skills while playing for the Wildcats. In his lone season at Kentucky, he also made a respectable percentage of his deep shots, connecting on 34% of them. Wallace can enter the NBA right away as a defensive guard who can shoot, but he still has to develop as a facilitator. As a rookie, Wallace can provide assistance on that side of the ball, relieving pressure off offensive superstars. Wallace joins Duke as the most Kentucky students selected in the NBA’s two rounds since it began in 1989

Wembanyama is thought of as a future possibility. How did other NBA choices perform similarly?

A unique mix in sports, France centre Victor Wembanyama is the obvious first choice and a generational potential who is expected to change any organisation he joins.

Scouts predicted in February that ignoring Wembanyama in the draught would result in immediate dismissal. Wembanyama was referred to by LeBron James as “an alien” and a “generational talent.” When the 7-foot-4 centre joins the league, Kevin Durant claimed that the NBA would be “really in trouble.” Wembanyama was hailed by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski as the sport’s most exciting prospect.

Although Wembanyama may be a generational player, other highly anticipated talents have made it into the NBA. Some lived up to the expectations and had noteworthy careers by rising to the challenge. Some people, not so much. Here are some of the NBA prospects who were most projected to perform in the league. [Anthony Gharib]

Victor Wembanyama: How excellent is he?

In May, San Antonio won the Victor Wembanyama lottery, and in the coming months, we could see how the Spurs’ potential first-round draught pick’s abilities transfer to the NBA. The French professional team Metropolitans 92 was propelled to the LNB Finals by the 19-year-old wonder, who has dazzled at the top amateur levels. The favourite AS Monaco, a squad that includes a number of ex-NBA players, however, swept the Mets 92 in the five-game series on Thursday.

Wembanyama only managed to score eight points for the Mets 92 in the dreadful opening-game defeat, but he recovered to score 19 and 22 points, respectively, in the remaining two games, along with seven rebounds and several blocks in each. Wembanyama was unable to end the Mets 92’s title drought, but that has no bearing on his potential for NBA success.

And comparing a successful high school career like LeBron James’, a one-and-done college career like Anthony Davis’, or even a four-year college career like Tim Duncan’s — the Spurs’ last No. 1 choice — is a little like comparing apples and oranges. So let’s take a look at how his stature stacks up against those of other NBA players.

Here are Wembanyama’s statistics.

Regular season


2022-23Mets 92342.4321.6



2022-23Mets 92102.72.717.3

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