Maxx Crosby is one of many who thinks Tom Brady may join the Las Vegas Raiders as they make a comeback in the NFL.

Despite the new Raiders co-owner’s insistence that he has officially retired from the NFL, there are still rumours of his making a comeback, particularly given that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is allegedly taking a while to recover from his foot ailment.

In an appearance on Von Miller’s ‘The Voncast’, the two-time Pro Bowl defensive end said

THE las vegas raiders

“Honestly, you know, it’s possible, and Jimmy G is here. He will return and be in good health. However, you never know what will happen. One of the best competitors ever is Tom Brady.

In other words, if worst comes to worst, if everything goes wrong and we need him, I wouldn’t be shocked if Tom Brady showed up wearing a Raiders shirt.

What other things did Maxx Crosby tell Von Miller about his teammates?

The episode with Maxx Crosby was “The Voncast’s” first in about two months, and host Von Miller and him had much to speak about, from his headbutt on Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs during Monday Night Football to the conclusion of the Raiders’ 2022 matchup with the New England Patriots.

The Raiders defensive end also spoke on his team’s current lineup, notably their pass-rushing trio of Tyree Wilson, Chandler Jones, and himself:

Sincerity be told, I believe we have a lot of work to do. The first year seems to be filled with many growing pains and ups and downs, in my opinion. It’s kind of odd that Chandler Jones, one of my favourite players and one of the most unconventional rushers, is praising me now that we are teammates. I’m thrilled to have him, take a significant stride forward this year, and Tyree’s coming in because (he) had a tremendous summer.
Regarding Tyree Wilson, Maxx Crosby said the following:

He is a shy young man. He is a fantastic athlete, 6’5″, 275 lbs., and has every skill in the world to pull this off. When it comes down to it, working hard is what it takes, and I see him doing that. He carries out that every day.

“As a rookie, there are many things going on, including all the media attention. He has been locked in, though, and that is the major quality I take away from him.

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