NASA scientists calculated the exact date an asteroid could hit Earth with the force of at least 24 nuclear bombs. Thankfully, it's a long way off.

– Asteroid Bennu has a slim chance of hitting our planet on September 24, 2182, NASA said.

– It would release as much energy as about 24 nuclear bombs, so NASA is keeping a close eye on it.

– Dust grabbed from the asteroid by NASA's Osiris-Rex spacecraft is due to arrive on Earth on Sunday.

What are you doing on September 24, 2182? You may want to clear your calendar because scientists think an asteroid may hit Earth.

NASA scientists are keeping a close eye on asteroid Bennu, a 1,610-foot-wide cosmic object that could smash into our planet.

If Bennu were to hit the Earth, it would slam into the surface at about seven miles per second. It is so big that it could release 1,400 megatons of energy, per a NASA calculation — which is at least 24 times as powerful as the nuclear weapon, the Tsar Bomba. 📷

Thankfully, the chances of this happening are very slim — about 1 in 2,700, per a 2021 study.

Still, NASA is interested enough in Bennu to launch a seven-year-long mission to study it, which is due to bring back a precious sample from the asteroid in a dramatic landing on Sunday.

This mission could help us better forecast the future of our cosmic neighbor, but it could also provide unprecedented insight into the formation of the Earth.